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I'm a firm believer that there's a lot of corruption and "3D chess" going on in all intelligence agencies, however I do believe Andrew is right on the money on this one.

Poor guy can't catch a break, he always go negativity from both sides no matter what he did. Hell all the liberals who were saying how awful he was and he should be fired since he colluded with Trump are now saying how evil Trump is. And the majority of Trump supporters have blind loyalty, I really do believe they would defend Trump if he shot someone in broad daylight like he had mentioned. The hiphop-cracy going on on both sides of the political spectrum is beyond awful.

The whole "OMG IMPEACHMENT" thing the "resistance" has been crying since he won is not going to happen, either he is voted out or finishes 8 years but he won't be impeached. The mainstream media has really failed the public and just pander to the liberals which makes Trumps crazy commentary actually have some legitimacy. A shame all around.
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