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Originally Posted by AkitaNinja View Post
Are those items that hard to find? Or are they just not worth what people are selling them for? I got a digest for 4 bucks on ecrator not too long ago. Technodrome i've never gotten cause the cheapest one i found was always 300 and up :/ Not a bad price for it I suppose, but not part of my particular interest (vehicles I mean)
what is ecrator? never heard of it

Originally Posted by ***CJJ*** View Post
Turtle Van/Party Wagon Instructions & mail order catalogue (I MAY have these).
Secret Sewer Maps - 6 total (PM me for ones i need) (Have several).

TMNT VHS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Awesome Easter (I KNOW I have this!!! It is in MINT condition, viewed only a handful of times).
cool. send me a pm about that

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