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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Appreciate it.

Call me crazy, but it sort of bugs me to have too many randomly numbered volumes on my shelf. I shouldn't let it bug me, but it does.

I find myself very curious about the future of IDW TMNT hardcovers though. At this point, they've printed a lot of the old and new material. I hope they continue to give us new types of collections.
you're welcome.

i agree, i'm the same way. though i've been trying not to be as fussy with the feng shui of my collection.

though the IDW collection 3 is nice cuz it fuses in the micro-series which really did make a more rich reading experience rather than just reading the ongoing.

if you don't mind floppies TMNT color classics vol. 3 which ran from issue 1-15 was a reprint of Mirage vol.1 issues #48-62.
stared with the shades of gray 2-parter and then all of City at War.
the only thing is while i didn't hate the colors, i didn't exactly love them either.
these were the exact same color jobs used for the 'TMNT: The Works' hardcovers.
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