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I'm not going with the most exciting moments. More of the bits I found most emotionally affecting.

TMNT: Lots to choose from, but the Turtles returning to a ransacked home to find Splinter's been taken. The rotating, shaking camera around Raphael as his panic and grief build will stick with me forever.

TMNT2: Kind of understated, but Donatello struggling with their accidental origin and not being "special" because of it was pretty strong material. "Do not confuse the specter of your origins with your present worth" is a pretty damn great Splinter line.

TMNT3: Raph bonding with the kid, Yoshi, was pretty charming.

TMNT (2007): Leo's return to New York and reunion with Splinter was my personal highlight. Quite touching, and the performances really sold the father-son bond to me.

Turtles Forever: At the end, all three very different versions of the Turtles saying their goodbyes and acknowledging their respect for each other.

BayTurtles: The moment it ended.

BayTurtles 2: The moment I decided not to bother seeing it.
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