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New update went out this afternoon ...

Hello everyone. I apologize for the late update. I will address each of your questions and concerns over the weekend directly. As far as he next update, that will come Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Chinese New Year, but it's a massive holiday. It is unlike any national holiday of ours here in the states. China is a huge country by population and has complex travel roads /routes roads due to mountains.

Chinese New year for one is celebrated for weeks to a month (3-6 weeks) by most. The factories usually shut down a few weeks prior to the holiday to allow time for travel. Another thing is that it has no set date. Last year it was celebrated in January and this year it is February. I've attached photos and information about the holiday straight from Google. I've also posted an article that explains the holiday.

I will have an update for everyone Monday or Tuesday since we are on opposite time zones. I will also answer all questions and emails sent this weekend directly by Monday of next week. Trust, the book will be worth the wait.
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