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Originally Posted by DonnieLaForge View Post
I don't know what to make of the current situation with this. Anybody?
Hell, the last I heard update nearly a month ago ... it's a little obnoxious that we're nearly a full year almost.

Backers, I apologize for the late update. It has been a long week. I did not make it home in time for a proper update with photos. There will be two important updates over the next week or two. This week, I will post an update on spreads and photos that outline the entire book. The following update will be photos of the physical book. I know that everyone is anxious and many may have concerns about the book, but trust it will be worth the wait.

There have hundreds of emails about obtaining a copy or extra copy of the book. There may be less than 40-50 books leftover. Many books have been promised to individuals that helped with the project. The other remaining copies will be made available to current backers and individuals who emailed shortly after the campaign. I want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. Trust, the final book will be worth the wait. More photos of the spreads are coming this week.
^^^ This was on May 20th.

Who knows if they'll drop this summer, I'm not even holding my breath for this fall either.
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