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Yes, I have them in my possession in US (leo/donnie skate/jump training, DPF59/DPF61).

I had to import them from I used a service called It wasn't exactly cheap.

Given all the evidence I would predict those two are never coming out in the US. They've actually been available at Amazon Canada for awhile now, off and on. They would have to be re-branded as Mega Construx to see a release in US...their boxes are the old style.

In the same boat are the Half Shell Heroes skateboard singles for Leo/Mikey (DPF55/DPF56). Also apparently only released in Canada, with old branding. sellers are already scalping them.

I would suggest anybody interested in any of those 4 sets do whatever you can to get your hands on them as cheaply as possible from Canada now.

In case you are scratching your head as to why Canada would be so special...Canada is where Mega is based! So I can easily see them pushing a few things out there and not here now and then.

By the way -- Nice checklist! It looks correct to me, and I am currently complete!
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