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In Hiding

All mutants are forced into hiding by the Earth protection force, having to salvage what they can, constantly on the move. Can they make things better, or will they all die?
(This is actually inspired by an RP I had done with some friends for another fandom. Loved it, but sadly, we never got further than our OCs getting shot at and changing location, with hardly any plot, even after 16+ pages.)

Universe: none specific.

  • One character per person, and has to be a cannon character. Sorry, it's for the best. (There is one exception though: if you want another character there for a bit, okay, just as long as they don't stay through the whole thing).
  • Gore and is allowed, just don't go crazy with it.
  • Write nicely. ^_^
  • No godmodding.
  • Be nice to one another.
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