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Originally Posted by Allio View Post
that is how the royal knights work (outside of season 4)

They are the extreme heroes, if it means to protect the digital world, they will destroy another planet. "Sacrfice the thousands to save the millions" though since Alphamon is hardly around the other knights, he more than likely does not think along the same way.

Though what makes me ponder, does Alphamon come from the same digital world as Adventure

The Royal Knights are from the Digital world with Yggdrasil as it's god (this is essentially Bandai's main universe)

While by the rules, Adventure exists in the "Illiad's' digital world, whom has Homeostasis, the being that possessed Hikari, whom has the Olympus XII as it's guardians

So I wonder if Alphamon (if he is the Royal Knight) interference in the Adventure verse will cause the Olympus XII to get into the fray and than the war between the Royal Knights and Olympus XII starts (Bandai made mention of this earlier this year)

edit: had to look it up, it's Homeros not Homestasis
Ok, now my head is spinning. There is a multiverse and each univerese has a separate digital world. There was that being who interupted Tai and Matt's scuffle to give them a history lesson. That tour guide is the divine being of Adventure's version of the Digital World. This Alphamon is the main divine being of another universe's Digital World, eho for an unknown reason is interfering in Adventure's version of the Digital World. Correct anything I may have picked up on wrong.
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