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with out going into the complications of the Multi-verse of the anime/manga/Videogames. yes.

There are as of now, 5 known worlds.
Yggdrasill's Digital world (which seems to be the base world most incarnations use. This contains the Royal Knights, whom are it's guardians)
Illiad's Digital World (Homeros is it's god, with The Olympus XII as it's guardians)
Dark Zone Basically where the dark ocean coincides.
Witchelny this has digimon like MedievalDukemon
Never-everland this is the world of Petermon, Tinkermon, and Captainhookmon...and all the child digimon Petermon has kidnapped. Though this might be a pocket dimension.

I'm really hoping there is a 0Z and a Onederland world.

as for adventure itself, I am unsure about what world they are just depends who was possessing Hikari. I want to say they aren't apart of "Yggdrasil's world" since their Omegamon/Magnamon aren't royal Knights.

Now as for Alphamon. No, he isn't a divine deity. He is one of the digimon closest to god, but still ranks lower than Yggdrasil (the actual god) the Arbitrators and Neo (The "digimon" not the human).

new trailer is out


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