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Originally Posted by tmntman View Post
They certainly aren't for everyone. But I can't say that they are any dumber than Minimates, Lego minifigures, Kidrobot vinyl figures, or any number of other lines that have done essentially the same thing: reproduced the same body over and over again and just changed the color or graphics that they apply.
That's my problem with them. At least though with the ones you mentioned there's usually a head, accessory, appendage, add-on piece that's unique. With Bearbricks I see nothing like that. Although a google image search showed a Kermit the Frog Bearbrick with a sculpted Kermit head instead of the bear head that looked pretty official, so now I don't know this world from the upside-down.

Anyway, I sure as heck would not collect Bearbricks, but as a TMNT collector I might collect Bearbricks that happen to crossover into TMNT. But they are also ridiculously expensive given what they are, no? So in that case, NO THANKS.
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