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Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
Amen, dood. As of now I am very inclinned to drybrush the old PLaymates figures, so much detail lost because of the simple color application they have. But I wouldn't do it unless I get some duplicates.
I know how you feel! A pal recently passed a bunch of his childhood figures on to me, and I'm strongly tempted to repaint the Shredder figure he included. First things first, though!

Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
ALSO the custom looks great.
Thanks! This is my first attempt at drybrushing, so I'm quite pleased with the results. It's entirely possible that that was just beginner's luck (my first wash looked pretty darned good too), but assuming that this is a pretty crappy first-time drybrushing job I've gotta say that drybrushing looks pretty decent even when it sucks. I've done some horrible washes, though, to the point that I'm not going to bother with them again until I've gotten some serious practice with a junk figure. I do better with paint wipes, but this drybrushing looks so neat that I think I'll do Shredder's torso as well.

I need to figure out what color to use for that, though. Any suggestions? I do need to buy some dark purple paint for another project I have in mind... I'm also sorta tempted to do a sort of teal -- like the Super Shredder in TMNT III on NES, but that's less likely.

Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
I'd like to do something similar but using a DC Universe CLassics figure as a base. Of course I would have to find a DCU figure lying on the street first...
Yeah, DCUC figures are so rare around these parts that I'd have a hard time using one for a custom. Not to mention the poor quality control -- how much would it suck to make a cool custom only to have the leg snap off at the hip? You might have better luck using a DCSH Superman as a base. He's got that wide stance, but the figure isn't terribly rare or costly and was made before Mattel did whatever it did to make DCUC figures horrible.

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