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So I've come to a bit of a standstill with the Shredder. In addition to still not having decided which color I want to paint him, I still need some parts from another figure before I can proceed. And then I've sort of become dissatisfied with the forearm pieces... I almost want to use the shin guards for those instead, but then that would leave poor Shredder without shin armor! Which means I would have to either hunt down another Super Shredder or use the armor from the 1987 Shredder, which I don't think would look as good. Sigh.

Any suggestions, comments, and/or well wishes will be appreciated!

In the meantime, here's a (mostly) quick repaint job that I did on a dollar store bug:

Look familiar? Yes, no?

I think I'll make a few more -- and get some clear flight stands; this one was just borrowed from a Masked Rider gashapon -- just for kicks. I also have a bunch of other random insects (each multipack only had two winged insects each), so if anyone else has any suggestions for what to do with them (or needs random bugs for some project), I'm all ears!

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Aaand... Technodrome buy/sell/trade thread here!

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