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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
It is indeed calibrated. I use a THX HD optimizer (can be found on several discs) as a base calibration, then Sony line resolution tools (can be found on select discs) along with a more recent Spears and Munsil (you'd have to buy that, but you knew that, right?) deep color HD gradient to match modern color delivery. I have a photometer and laser measure for distances and ambient room lighting, but I barely break those out anymore after the initial use, and having done calibration for a few friends and some family as well. Home theater is a past time of mine, my friend. I've come {this} close to adding a wing under my LLC to start an installation and calibration business, but I'm too busy with my store efforts and properties.

Is your TV calibrated?

Because if you really are knowledgeable about home theater, then it would make more sense to be discussing the HD transfer of 300 just as we have discussed the production of TMNT '90 (the only tangible examples I've cited) before asking me about whether or not my entire TV was calibrated. And even then after hammering out the HD transfers of 300, you should be asking me about how I attenuate sharpness instead of whether or not the entire TV is calibrated. I mean, we are talking about film grain. Not refresh rate, or fine line quality or verisimilitude of shadowing. But film grain.
Easy killer! If you really are knowledgeable about home theater, then you would know a large bulk of people complaining about over-saturation simply didnít calibrate.

I havenít seen 300 in a LONG time (and donít really have a desire to), so I have no skin in the game there. I actually gave up the home theater hobby, as well, about ten years ago. I was getting too deep into technical details rather than simply enjoying movies. I was looking at weak points in my setup rather than admiring gorgeous cinematography.

I save my technical richard-waving for cameras and lenses and grip gear, oh my. Even thatís starting to get a bit blasť. The DP at my production company handles my screen calibration.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of store do you run?

Originally Posted by Slap-Happy View Post
Just to set the record straight, the first film was not shot on 16mm, it is still 35 albeit occasionally very grainy. There is a depth to the images of most shots that simply isnít there with 16mm.
From what I understand, Barron had Brian Henson shoot the second unit flashback sequences on 16mm.
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