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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
It doesn't matter who I traded it to, because I got two great games I know I'll play [and a replacement memory card] in exchange for a hunk of plastic I used maybe twice in the entire almost 20 years I owned it. So like I said, don't ****ing judge me on that trade, I will get rid of something if it sits around that long unused. I contemplated asking if anyone here wanted it, BUT I didn't even have all the stuff it came with so I knew I'd be ripping off whoever got it from me.
Lol what? Get the stick out of your ass, kid. I wasn't judging YOU personally, I hate when stores f*ck people willingly and knowingly. It's a common occurrence around retro stuff and it's gross. You got two greatest hits/player's choice versions of $10 games and a $5 memory card for a $90-$100 piece of hardware. That's scummy. It's the same reason I wish people would stop shopping and/or dealing at EB/Gamestop. They're f*cking crooks.

If you're willing to get jacked by some douche and defend it, that's good for you. I'll keep my "give a f*ck" meter for you concerns set to zero from now on.
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