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Originally Posted by Ecto Jedi View Post
In Netkeeper's defense, Peanut, no one's going to take kindly to someone telling them they "got f*cking hosed, dawg." Really doesn't sit well with the ego.
Point is well taken, but I'd rather he have a bruised ego and make a more educated decision next time than learn nothing and be f*cked again down the line. I have to admit that I always like receiving advice and criticism when I f*ck up, which I realize isn't something most people want to hear. No one learns from being coddled. I probably came off harsher than I could have, but it's not like I called him a moron and kicked dirt on shoes either.

Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
True, but last year when I traded a sh*t ton of stuff towards getting my PS4 and XB1, I lucked out because I was getting decent trade value for games that would've been otherwise traded for less
Occasionally you can get a decent deal with their "minimum trade value" when it comes to bulk trades for hardware discounts if you're smart, but that's rare and their day-to-day business is scummy as f*ck. And even still, you traded in a sh*t ton of stuff that probably cost you exponentially more than a new PS4/X1 would ever cost you. I realize values change, but I can never get over handing someone sh*t I paid good money for in return for pennies on the dollar. Never.
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