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Originally Posted by Netkeeper View Post
i know, i'm just easily embarrassed when i mess up. which is all the time.
Untrue... (you don't mess up all the time) I think you should have gotten a better deal, but life is life and trading something out you never use for things you will enjoy is not a loss in my opinion. Life is full of should haves but bottom line is you have something enjoyable now so that is the good news!

Sorry guys that I've been kinda absent... I started my new job last week at (drum roll please....) my favorite game store! Yay! I love it but I'm exhausted all the time now, lol. I'm working 40+ hours each week, but it's a good tired. I've gotten some really awesome stuff recently (1 thing was FREAKING AMAZING AND FREE!!!) but I don't want to just say it, I want to post a pic... so I promise I'll get to it... I promise. I'm just too tired to do it now plus I've got a bunch of smaller things to post too. I swear I probably will just spend half my paycheck from the store AT the store, lol. So far though I have mostly just bought stuff by trading in duplicates, product from my flea market business, etc. so it hasn't been to bad, yet.
These are here-->[IMG][/IMG]<---and here.
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