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I Need Help with my Project

Hey. I've been planning a very ambitious TMNT art project for a couple years now. I want to do a sort of "Through the Years" (I'm not sure what this type of art is called) type of project, a huge and ambitious one.
This would be a small example:
I've been doing some research and just adding to my ideas for it for over a couple years now. I want to have as close to all of the versions of TMNT that there are in this project and I want it to be long and impressive. Feel free to ask questions and suggest things to add.
What I'm really needing the most help for is narrowing down or adding to the list of TMNT versions that will be in it. The criteria the TMNT version has to meet is that it must:
  • Be visually different from other versions
  • Tell a separate story from other versions, to even a small extent
  • Be official or be a fan-work with enough of a significant effect on the franchise
  • (for fan-works, it must have a following, treat itself professionally and try to tell a coherent story rather than just do shipping, etc., and it must have a page on Turtlepedia proving its acknowledged as a popular/significant fan work (this criteria may change)
So as you can see, I'm letting fan-works be on this. I'm not including fan-fiction because it's generally forgotten quickly and is not a visual medium. Fan comics like Secrets of the Ooze and Gaiden are accepted, but most fan-works won't be taken. Feel free to suggest them, though.
The next post down will have a long list of every version of TMNT I've collected so far. Feel free to chisel away at it, add to it, fix some facts, ask questions, or give me some suggestions. Help is greatly needed on obscure versions. I will be labeling each version on the finished work with its title and year. I might eventually post practice drawings and other project-related art on this thread as I get ready to draw this.
I'm including comics, video games, cartoons, movies, specials, a few fan-works, and some miscellaneous ones. If they end up in the final product, I'll let those who own the fan-works know that I want to use their version in an art piece.
Also, this is a serious question I have. Since coming up with this concept, I've wanted every turtle displayed from every iteration to be Leonardo, since he is the leader and probably the most important turtle. Using one turtle would better illustrate how much TMNT changes each iteration, yet not using the other three turtles completely ignores the whole aspect of brotherhood and togetherness that is integral to the franchise. Let me hear your thoughts on this issue.
Did I explain this well or are you just very confused?
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