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The versions I have so far (ones I'm unsure about adding are in red)
1984: TMNT original Mirage comics
1985: TMNT and Other Strangeness RPG
1987: "Tales of the TMNT" 2nd Mirage comic line, introducing Leatherhead, Rat King, etc.
1987: Mirage begins 1st volume of Turtle Soup, which I think is a funny sideline comic (confused)
1987: TMNT original cartoon
1988: Archie comics
1989: First video game on NES
1990: First arcade game
1990: Mirage's "Soul's Winter" else-worlds trilogy by Michael Zulli
1990: TMNT Coming Out of Our Shells Tour
1990: First movie
1990: (summer) Magazine begins
1990: Fall of the Foot Clan Gameboy videogame
1990: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Fleetway UK comics (began original stories at issue #15)
1990: Daily newspaper comic strip (ran for about 10 years)
1990: "Operation: Blue Line" 11-minute video teaching children about alternative transport (I'm not making this up)
1991: Manhattan Project videogame
1991: Manhattan Missions PC game
1991: Turtles in Time Video Game
1991: Mirage comic line "Plastron Café" begins (only two issues in Vol. 1 were turtles stories)
1992: "The Last of the Viking Heroes" comic This one is very obscure and I can find very little information on it. I ran across it at random and kind of want to include it because the turtles' designs are neat. More pictures are needed.
1993: Third movie (I didn't include the second because the turtles' designs were the same as the first) Should I include the samurai outfits?
1993: Archie "Future Tense" arc Is this considered a separate version?
1993: TMNT Tournament Fighters NES game (also on SNES)
1993: Plastron Cafe
1993: TMNT make appearance in Usagi Yojimbo in 3-parter "Shades of Green"
1993-ish: (cameo) TMNT makes an appearance in Anamaniacs with a speaking role by Rob Paulson
1994: "Turtle Tunes" 30-minute live action special
1994: "TMNT: The Next Mutation" Fourth movie goes into pre-production (never happened)
1994: First episode of 2-part Japanese anime -- Superman Legend OVA
1994: TMNT original cartoon Red Sky episodes begin/monster turtle designs
1994: "We Wish You A Turtle Christmas" 30-minute live-action special These turtles look very similar to those in Turtle Tunes.
1995: Jim Lee designs/Savage Dragon crossover. A comics mini-series w/ 3 produced turtle toys (Leo never came out)
1995: Super Turtles: Gaiden manga in Japan (is this the same as the "Super Turtles" manga also in 1995?)
1995: TMNT: The Early Years 3-part comic; one of the last in Archie
1995: Second part of Japanese anime-- Mutant Turtles: Chojin Densetsu Hen
1996: Image comics run
1997: Next Mutation
2001: 5-minute CGI pilot for new show (nothing ever came of it but it still meets the criteria)
2002: Mirage Super Turtles comic. More details on this would be appreciated
2003: 4kids cartoon
2003: First video game for 2k3 cartoon
2003: Dreamwave comics adaption of 2k3 series
2004: Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden online fan-comic
2004: Tales of the TMNT comic line, re-launched from 1987
2004: Tales of Leonardo: Blind Faith comic, followed in 2006 by "Blind Sight"
2005: "Same as it Never Was" episode of 2k3 series I am very unsure over including this one
2005: Turtle Turncoat fan-comic begins
2006: TMNT: Fast Forward
2006: The Power of Four video game
2007: Fast Forward dark turtles
2007: comic prequels for 2007 movie
2007: TMNT: The Lost Episodes of 2k3
2007: Fourth theatrical movie
2007-08 (ish): TMNT Overload proposed as 4Kids season to follow Fast Forward
2009: "Back to the Sewer" Season 7 of 2k3
2009: Smash-Up video game for Wii
2009: 24-page comic w/ Smash-Up titled "TMNT: Smash-Up"
2009: Turtles in Time: Re-shelled video game
2011: (February) "Fight the Foot" 3-minute fan-made trailer
2011: TMNT concepts by Dark Horse comics (TMNT license went to IDW instead)
2011: Casey Jones fan-film by Polaris Banks (only Mikey is fully shown)
2011: IDW comic run
2012: TMNT: Dark Horizons (Free to play Nick game, first for 2012 show)
2012: New Animated Adventures comic (show tie-in)
2012: Nick TMNT show
2013: (May) Nick Magazine
2012: IDW Infestation 2-part series
2013: IDW City Fall with Dark Leo
2013: Out of the Shadows video game
2013: Rooftop Run and Mutant Rumble app games
2013: TMNT Wii video game for 2k12 show
2014: Lego movie Michelangelo
2014: Nick TMNT Vision Quests episode I'm unsure about this, I just like the costumes
2014: TMNT: Secrets of the Ooze fan-comic (done by official IDW artist Campbell, though)
2014 (ish)--TMNT corocoro ichiban manga in Japan (I really need the date it came out to be clarified
2014: Platinum Dunes movie; fifth theatrical TMNT movie
2014: PD movie app game
2014: Code Name: Revenge planned comic and videogame (I think this has been abandoned or gone silent; Google it)
2014: IDW TMNT/Ghostbusters cross-over
2015: "Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fan comic. I love the art but it has a very small release. There's an thread on it somewhere on the Technodrome
2015: TMNT:Odyssey 110 page graphic novel, fan-made
2015: IDW TMNT: Amazing Adventures; replacing New Animated Adventures
2015: TMNT Half-Shell Heroes "Blast to the Past" TV special
2015: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 game adds TMNT DLC
2015: IDW Batman/TMNT crossover
2016: (Jan) TMNT: Portal Power app-game
2016: (March) IDW TMNT Deviations; a "What If?" story
2016: (may) TMNT Mutants in Manhattan game
2016: (June) TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows movie, with modified designs
2016: (June) IDW Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything Mini-series
Feel free to make suggestions for this list and tell me of future TMNT versions I can squeeze in before starting this art project (might not be for a while). I am happy to add more things and glad to delete unnecessary ones.
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