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Kirby Conspiracy

It's been a while since we've seen or had any mention of Kirby O'Neil.

While chatting on facebook with Tarris Vaal, we came to an interesting realization. What if Kirby is not the man he makes himself out to be?

What if April's missing mother doesn't really exist...I mean yes we do see a photo with Mrs. O'Niel holding April as a baby. And in a way she may have been April's mother, but there are still some things that don't check out.

First off take the Farm House, in this incarnation the farmhouse is called the "O'Neil Farmhouse". And it was owned by April's maternal family.

Typically when a woman is married she takes her husband's surname as her own. There are exceptions, but often the wife takes her spouse's name.

Second, it seems far too convenient that the Kraang happened to come across the one family that had the DNA strand they needed.

April also mentioned in the Buried Secrets episode that Kirby didn't really talk about her mother's disappearance.

And when they were being abducted during "Rise of the Turtles" Kirby doesn't seem all that surprised about what's going on.

And Kirby doesn't look like he is suffering all that much while in the Kraang prison facility. I know it's a kids show, but a human in those conditions would be pale, gaunt and rather unkempt.

It's also rather odd the Kraang would keep Kirby alive when the Kraang didn't really need him. Once they had April and Kirby, Kirby easily could have been killed off because he wasn't needed.

Also it's mentioned in "Rise of the Turtles" that the Kraang were kidnapping scientists all over the city, and we never see any of them. In TCRI April's father is a psychologist, which is pointed out as being odd since the Kraang were trying to perfect the Mutagen. And thats where it is revealed that they were't after Kirby, they were after April.

So what if Kirby originally worked for the Kraang. Kirby could have been partnered with a nameless female scientist creating a human/kraang hybrid. In other words a test tube baby, it is possible the memories of her mother are implanted.

Kirby being a psycologist would study thought and behavior. So while some of his DNA could have been used in April's creation, his main job was to over see and monitor her until she was ready to be delivered to the Kraang.

Since he would have some training in medicine, he could prevent people from learning that April wasn't human by forging medical information for when she entered school or went to summer camp or something like that.

Over the course of looking after her, he may have developed honest paternal feelings for April .

Then when he and April are out walking that night (supposedly returning home from Dinner or a movie.) they are confronted by the Kraang. Kirby allows himself to be captured and is in the cell with her to make it seem like the Kraang were only after him and April was abducted because she was there.

After the Kraang partner with the Shredder, they use Kirby to draw Donatello to the prison facility so that the Turtles would bring him back to their lair. During the invasion he realizes what the Kraang intended to do with April and he becomes very protective of her because he knows the Kraang would return. And he doesn't want to lose April as a possible bargaining chip if the Kraang attack again.

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