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While the series is over, we curiously see Kirby less and less following season 2. In season 3 we see him returned to being human and meeting up with April following the Kraangs defeat. As well as the following episode where April and Kirby are handing out soup to the people who are displaced due to the destruction that was caused by the Kraang during the invasion. Kirby's only major appearance was in Deadly Venom where he brings April to the Turtles after she is bitten by Karai. And during the video announcement from Mozar declaring that the Earth would be destroyed, there is only one moment where Kirby is shown having a panic attack.

After that Kirby isn't seen in the fourth season with the exception of being one of the mourners at Splinter's funeral. It largely feels the showrunners really didn't know what to do with this character after the invasion arc. After all was mutated not once but twice, doing it again would only have been lazy writing. And he was killed off-screen by the 'Heart of Darkness' so it would have made sense to have it be casually mentioned that Kirby left the city to live with his sister because he couldn't take the crazy of New York anymore.

Given how neurotic he was in the second season following his experience with the Kraang, he still could have taken a villainous route. In his mind, he wouldn't be doing anything wrong, he only wants to protect his daughter and he would do anything to do it. Not realizing that what he is doing is only causing April to resent him.

For example, in Deadly Venom we do see one moment where he glances out of the window at Casey and April as they return home from the movie theater. This suggests he doesn't have a particular fondness for Casey and is suspicious of the punk boy's motives or maybe what sort of influence he has on April.

For the Turtles, he is okay with them...but only so long as they were just friends with April. Take that moment where Donnie attempts to confess his feelings for her. While she is well aware of his feelings her, April herself wasn't ready to hear them at that moment in time. That and there is also a common trope where a character confesses his feelings for someone before a major battle only for it to end tragically for one of the two involved if not both.

So yes his confession can be interpreted as "Since we're going to die anyway, I might as well tell you how I feel."

But, April's dad was also in the room at that time. Hearing a mutant turtle confessing his feelings to his daughter in the middle of an invasion would have been too much for the older man. And even if there wasn't an invasion going on, Kirby would still try to keep April as far away from the Turtles, Donatello in particular if he learned he really did have feelings for April.

April also apparently never told Kirby she is being trained as a Kunoichi. She may have told her father that she was being trained by Splinter and Kirby could have assumed it was self-defense, not Ninjitsu. But I doubt he would take to kindly to learning she has been trained to be a ninja, which would give Kirby all the more reason to prevent April from seeing the Turtles again. I could even see him threatening to inform the authorities where they live if they came near his daughter again.
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