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This is a bit of an essay I wrote on this topic. I used information discussed here and also came up with a head-cannon at to what could have happened.

Let’s start with what we know in the show about Kirby in particular. He is first introduced in the pilot episode “Rise of the Turtles” along with his daughter April as they are walking together. This is conveniently the same night the Turtles visit the surface for the first time. The two of them are suddenly confronted by a group of Kraang Norman-bots who are there to kidnap them. The Turtles see the abduction taking place and jump in to help. Unfortunately, the abductors getaway taking the father and daughter with them.

The Turtle’s learn where April and her father were taken and launch a plan to rescue them. They manage to save April, while the Kraang flies away with Kirby as their captive. After befriending the red-head and returning her safely back home, the Turtles vow to reunite her with her father once again.

The turtles attempt to rescue Kirby in ‘The Gauntlet’. However, during the firefight, as they escape a Kraang blaster lands near Dr. O’Neil. He immediately picks it up and tells the Turtles to protect his daughter and save the city before he allows himself to be taken back into the custody of the Kraang.

After this point, there is very little mention or thought about Kirby. In ‘TCRI’ It is revealed that he was actually a psychologist and wouldn’t know anything about how to help perfect the Mutagen. At that same moment Donatello -with the help of a Kraang data stick- reveals the Kraang actually weren’t after Kirby, they were after April.

Finally during “Operation: Break Out” Donatello deciphers a secret message from Kirby sent to April informing him about where the older man was located. The tech-savvy turtle then takes it upon himself to rescue Dr. O’Neil once and for all. This, however, was all a planned trap by the Kraang and the Shredder. A mind-control device was noticeably implanted into the back of Kirby’s neck which would force him to hand over April to the Shredder and by proxy the Kraang, thus drawing Splinter out of hiding. When the Turtles return to the lair to regroup after the appearance of the technodrome. Kirby attacks Michelangelo but is quickly overpowered by the other turtles. Donnie then points out and removes the mind control device from Kirby’s neck. Once he regains consciousness Kirby reveals to the Turtles their two greatest enemies have allied themselves and that April was in their clutches. He later is shown celebrating the victory against the Technodrome with the Turtles, April, and Splinter.

In the next season, Kirby appears to have developed PTSD due to everything he experienced from the Kraang. This makes him neurotically protective of April to the point where he doesn’t even let her visit the Turtles because he is so worried the Kraang would attempt to take his daughter away again. Between April and the Turtles, they are able to convince him that she would be safe in the lair. The Kraang communication orb that April found during “Operation: Break Out” activates revealing a shipment of Mutagen was being brought into the city. The Turtles and April go out to stop it, enlisting Kirby to assist by controlling a radar device. Events quickly go awry and all the mutagen canisters are scattered around the city. One of these canisters splashes all over Kirby when he shielding April. This ends up mutating him into a feral minded mutant bat.

After the Turtles get him captured and contained, Mikey reveals to a distressed April that they are actually responsible for Kirby’s mutation not the Kraang. This makes Kirby angry enough to break loose from his cage and fly off. April is also rather upset with the Turtles and tells them (Donnie in particular) that she never wanted to see them again.

Kirby is shown as a mutant in two episodes following this, though both are after April had forgiven the Turtles for her father's mutation. The first is in “Metalhead Rewired” when the Turtles see Kirby Bat trapped in a containment unit by the Kraang along with other mutants. When the mutants are escaping, Kirby is being incapacitated by a few Kraang droids. Leo and Donnie take out the Kraang attacking him before Donnie tells him to escape and find April. Kirby Bat isn’t seen again until “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman” when Donnie has finally created Retromutagen and Kirby is restored to human.

He is shown briefly in “Wrath of Tiger Claw” when Donnie and Leo are looking for April so she wouldn’t be targeted by Karai or Tiger Claw. Kirby tells them she isn’t answering her phone and that she had said she was going to the movie theater with a couple of friends.

Kirby isn’t seen again until the season finale where he is stressing about the invasion. While the Turtles, April, and Kirby are escaping April’s apartment with a heavily wounded Leo, he offers them his old party wagon as a means of escape. Seconds afterward he is doused with perfected mutagen and mutated into a Kraang slave much to April’s distress.

In the third season, he is briefly mentioned in “Buried Secrets” when April mentions that her father wouldn’t really talk about what happened to her mother. And also by Mrs. O’Neil AKA “Mom-thing” when she asks where “Kirby” was.

He has a small appearance following his return to human at the end of “Battle for New York”. He and April also created a small soup kitchen for the people displaced by the Kraang Invasion in ‘Casey Jones vs. The Underworld’.

Next Kirby makes a small appearance in “Deadly Venom” when he looks suspiciously out the window as April and Casey return from the movies together. Then after April is bitten by Karai’s snakes, he brings her to the lair so Donatello and later Splinter could revive her. During the events, he is understandably distressed about Donatello’s inability to save his daughter. He also hostilely states that April is the only thing they should worry about after Leo receives a call from Karai tauntingly informing him that Raph, Mikey, and Casey would die if Donatello and himself didn’t come to their aid.

Following this episode, he is no longer a character within the series. There is only one shot of him freaking out during the Triceraton invasion when Captain Mozar announces that his fleet would destroy the Planet Earth. While his final appearance in the series is when he is shown as one of the mourners during Splinter’s funeral.

This concept came up a couple of years back during a talk on Facebook with a friend on the Technodrome Forum. While we were chatting Kirby O’Neil came up in our conversation and we both agreed that there were some things about Kirby that did feel sinister.

With numerous tv and film series, the writers have a tendency to bring up points and hints as hanging plot threads in their work. The plot threads add to the overall mystery of the story, but it also offers points that can be picked up later by another writer if desired. Unfortunately, not all these plot points are resolved and quite often are left forgotten. There is also tropes involving big reveals or event with certain characters. To accommodate or build-up to this event, writers would do one of two things.

1. Have the said character become less of a focal point in the storyline. Hints can be dropped here and there so the big reveal doesn’t completely come out of nowhere. Still, the lack of focus character gives the reveal or event some sense of surprise.

A good example of this would be Karai. We learn off and on that Splinter had a daughter who had supposedly died in the same event where Tang Shen had perished. When Karai was introduced she was only used in four episodes following her debut appearance in Episode 14 “New Girl in Town”. Following Episode 21 “Karai’s Vendetta” she completely disappears as a character. Even with such little introduced with the character, there were plenty of hints that got fans to speculate on Karai being Splinter’s lost daughter. It was only in the final episode of the first season that is actually revealed that Karai is, in fact, Hamato Miwa, and that the Shredder had abducted her and raised her as his own as an agent of his vengeance towards Hamato Yoshi

2. Have more focus on the character leading into a big payoff.

An example for this is also found in the 2012 series when April was entering the Dark April storyline. She receives a piece of the soul star in ‘Riddle of the Ancient Aeons’ as thanks for healing them of their corruption. At the end of the Episode, Donnie remarks that it feels anyone could become corrupt with the last shot of the episode being April focusing on the crystal. Following that there is no real focus on the crystal itself though there are some veiled hints that the crystal is starting to become corrupt. Such as that moment in the “Evil of Dregg” where the Fugitoid and April are carrying an injured Donatello back to the Ulixes. Mikey briefly appears to watch his departing companions as though sensing something that is making him feel somewhat uncomfortable but isn't certain as to what it is or how to approach it. Following the return to Earth, there are some moments that suggest that the crystal April had received is not the blessing that it was originally intended to be. She is also warned by both Mikey and Splinter that the crystal was negatively affecting her wellbeing on at least a couple occasions. Warnings April chooses to ignore because she thinks of the Aeon inside the crystal as a mentor who was there to help her channel and control her latent psychic powers and feels dependant on the power boost the crystal gives her. Also, the times where April is separated from the crystal she appears crazed and almost psychotic, all this eventually culminated in her mind being engulfed by the Aeon that exists within the crystal
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