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When it comes to Kirby there was certainly groundwork laid for him to possibly be revealed as a traitor, or at the very least enter a more antagonistic role. I’m not saying he becomes evil like the Shredder. In actuality, he would have April’s best interests in mind because he is only wanting to protect her as any caring father would. However, he wouldn’t be taking April herself as an individual into account which would only end up causing her to resent him.

Some things that could trigger him or motivate him in an antagonistic role could be

Jealousy over how Splinter had become more of a father figure to April over the small number of years she had known him. When Kirby himself was April’s real father for the 16-19 years she had been alive.

Lapsing into a “None of this crazy stuff would have happened if we hadn’t met the Turtles” mentality.

Dr. O’Neil learning that Donnie does have romantic feelings for his daughter which would only escalate further if April returns them.

As I have stated before, this incarnation of the series does have moments that suggest Kirby may not actually be the man being presented to his friends and family.

First off, in season 1, everything from “Rise of the Turtles” to “TCRI” suggests that Kirby was the one being targeted. It was mentioned on a couple of occasions that scientists were being abducted by the Kraang to perfect the mutagen. Even the way he and April were attacked, it suggested they were specifically after Dr. O’Neil. The only reason April was being attacked as well was that she was there, and the Kraang could use her as a means to force Dr. O’Neil to submit to their demands.

When the abduction was taking place, he doesn’t put up much resistance against them either. Now granted Kirby isn’t really a fighter, but that still wouldn’t have stopped him from telling April to run for it. Yet, when the van pulled up he doesn’t appear to be surprised about what was happening. It looked as though he actually knew who their attackers were and seemed to expect them.

In TCRI, however, April points out that her father is a psychologist and wouldn’t be able to do what the Kraang wanted. This would be the first major red flag when it came to Kirby. If April had been the target the entire time, there would have been no reason for the Kraang keep Kirby. Even if they were just keeping him around as something to force April into obeisance. Once the Turtle’s rescued April in “Rise of the Turtles”, Kirby would have just been a moot point and eliminated. The only reason the Kraang would have kept Dr. O’Neil alive at all is if he was working for them somehow.

Just look at it this way, as a psychologist Kirby would not be able to do anything to perfect the mutagen. However, he would be able to monitor thought and behavior which would be important if the Kraang had planned April to be a living weapon from the start.

Second, we do see Kirby being a loving and protective father to April. He even willingly sacrifices himself so the Turtles could protect April from the Kraang forces, with the final words of “Protect my Daughter; save this city.” Yet at the beginning of the next season, Kirby is a shell of the man he once had been and his mindset only wants to know April is nowhere near the Kraang. This in itself is understandable since he is afraid for her safety. However, he also is well aware the Turtles Secret lair is a safe place and if he could trust April’s well being with anyone, it would be the Turtles and Splinter. The only plausible explanation for his neurotic protectiveness is that he is afraid of April being taken away from *him* in general.

For example in “Operation: Break Out”. When April is hugging her father at the end of the episode, we do see him look up with a rather cold and sinister expression. We as the audience know he has a mind-control device in the back of his neck since we do see it in a few shots. Plus there are some moments in that episode where there just appears to be something off about him.

However, the mind control device itself isn’t active in that moment since we don’t see it activate until “Showdown part 1” when he is spying on the Turtles during their meeting about the Kraang message regarding the arrival of the Technodrome.

So that makes a fan wonder what that evil expression was about. It is plausible that the Shredder convinces Kirby that if he assisted in capturing the Turtles and their Sensei he would stop the Kraang from trying to capture his daughter. Kirby agrees to it because the Turtles and their Teacher don’t mean anything to him, and he only wants to protect his daughter and do what he feels is right for her sake.

Another possible idea is that the Shredder convinces Kirby that the Turtles and their Sensei are actually putting April in danger. Since she is blindly convinced they are her friends, April won’t believe they are truly evil if she is told outright. To add proof to these claims the Shredder shows Kirby his scars and says he received them at the hands of their teacher, while the woman he loved was murdered leaving his own daughter motherless. He also might go so far as to point out how it had taken the Turtles months to even attempt at rescuing him. After everything, he experienced at the hands of the Kraang and numerous weeks where he and April were separated. Kirby would certainly be in a state where he would believe and agree to anything if it meant he could get April back.

So in that regard when he gets the Kraang mind-control device he is told it is a tracking device that would help lead the Foot to the Turtles Secret Lair. We do see Kirby gasp in horror when the device activates, so that could be the thing that made him realize that he was just being played.

Another thing of note is the fact that April is being trained as a Kunoichi. We never see Kirby during the ceremony where she is being inducted into the Hamato Clan as a fully trained Kunoichi. Also in ‘Mutation Situation’ April makes up a cover story for why she’s assisting the Turtles in their mission to stop the Mutagen shipment. This could be because her father was distressed by the mere mention of the Kraang. So saying the reason she needed his help was for a school project could have been intended to keep his mind at ease at least until the mission was over.

However, I get the feeling he was deliberately left out of the loop as far as April’s martial arts training.

As I suggested above, Kirby could have been convinced into believing the Turtles and their Sensei did not have April’s best interests at heart. If April had told her father that she was training her in Ninjutsu, Kirby could have taken that as proof that the Turtles and their Sensei were actively trying to hurt his daughter or involving her in situations where she could be hurt or killed. Even if April didn’t tell him that she was being trained as a kunoichi, Kirby still would have taken her active participation in missions as the Turtles deliberately putting her in danger despite their assurances of keeping her safe.

Another possibility is that April just says that Splinter was teaching her, and just didn’t go into details as to what she was actually being trained in. In that regard, Kirby could have just assumed she was being trained in self-defense or less combative forms of martial arts.

Then during the second invasion, Kirby spends much of the time stressing over about what is happening and at point breaks down and cries out “My poor, April.” Then when April says she is going to brave going outside to find Raph and Leo. Kirby responds by saying “You’re supposed to remain here with me, I’m scared.”

This seemed off to me as April already has two mutant turtles with her who would do everything within their power to keep her safe. Even if Donnie couldn't fight because of that Kraang Lazer graze on his arm, Mikey at the very least would have gone with her to make sure she wasn’t harmed by the Kraang. The very fact that Kirby tells April she’s supposed to stay with him because he’s scared really felt like he had an ulterior reason for keeping her within sight. Such as keeping her close as a possible bargaining chip in order to avoid losing his life or avoid being mutated.

Now in the episode “Kraang Conspiracy”, we receive some information that brings up a few questions into Kirby’s motives. During that episode, it’s revealed that the reason the Kraang wanted April is that her DNA is the key to perfecting the mutagen. At the end of the episode, Donnie analyzes some of April’s blood and notices that in addition to Human DNA she also had Kraang DNA.

The reason this is suspicious is that one of the requirements when attending things such as school or summer camp is that the participants must have a current medical record. There is no way a medical doctor would not have noticed the oddities in April’s bloodstream during medical check-ups and reported them as something to be concerned about.

However, as a psychologist part of Kirby’s study in that field would have involved at least some medical practice. Because of this he more than likely would have been able to falsify any medical records that April would need for school and other purposes. It is plausible that this was done in order to make sure the Kraang don’t find her, as I do recall it was briefly mentioned that April had to move around a lot. This is also something that begins to flesh out the plausibility of making Kirby a possible antagonist.
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