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Kirby is interrogated by the Kraang for his failure to deliver April. He convinces them that the Turtles were an unexpected setback, but assures them that April will be delivered as promised. It’s here he learns the Kraang intends to detonate a mutagen bomb in the city. Not knowing how April will be affected by the mutagen due to her heritage, he records a message on his phone warning her to escape while she still could and has Pigeon Pete deliver it to her.

The turtles use that information to attempt to rescue Kirby, but during their escape, he picks up a blaster that fell near him and tells the turtles to “Protect his daughter and save the city.” The Turtles are reluctant about leaving him behind but accept they have no choice. Kirby is taken back into custody and interrogated for his actions. Dr. O’Neil informs the Kraang that the turtles are too close to April and wouldn’t surrender her so easily. They would need to have a way to separate her from the four of them. He also informs them they have things they still need to obtain such as the “Power Cell” before they can implement April into their plan. The Kraang do see the logic in Kirby’s words, but they are reluctant about trusting him as he has proven himself to be questionable.

The Kraang and Shredder conclude they have a shared goal in seeing the Turtle’s eliminated and agree to a partnership. The Kraang then informs the Shredder the Turtle’s have made attempts to rescue a prisoner named Kirby O’Neil the father of April O’Neil, and Donatello, in particular, seems to be the most determined in this goal. The Shredder demands to have an audience with Kirby to convince him to assist in capturing the Splinter and the Turtles.

Kirby goes along with the plan to capture the Turtles and their sensei. But when the mind control device installed in the back of his neck was activated that's when he realized that he had been tricked and that the Shredder is working with the Kraang.

Following this Kirby is uncharacteristically and neurotically protective of April to the point he refuses to even let her see the turtles. He knows the Kraang may have been defeated, but he knows they are still out there.

My friend from facebook suggested that he could have been protective of April because while he does love her as his daughter. He still wants to have her around as a bargaining chip as a means of self-preservation should the Kraang return. Having her become more independent or reliant on her companions...possibly even find love, that spells out that all control and influence he has over April is dwindling.

It’s also possible that much like Mrs. O’Neil in Buried Secrets, the Kirby O’Neil we see from Operation: Breakout and beyond is not the real Kirby but a clone or a construct of the Kraang.

There are loads of possibilities that could have been done since it’s clear there was more to Kirby O’ Neil than meets the eye. Sadly, this incarnation has come to an end without them being explored. Still, it is always fun to consider what could have happened any of this was the case.
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