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Really good pulls/choices!!!!!
Love Mr.Freese in BTAS and the movie Sub-Zero I am unfamiliar with him in the comics, but he had a really awesome episode on Batman Beyond.

Not familiar with Mr. Spook so I really don't have much to say about him.

Rupert Thorne is definitely a favorite villain of mine from BTAS bc he and the mafia aspect kept the show grounded.

As for a Main Rogue I would like to see more of..... I would have to go with Scarecrow. I thought he was ok in BTAS, but in the Arkham Asylum games he was amazing and would love to see more of that Scarecrow.

As for under-rated I would love to The Court of Owls get some more love. I am just waiting for them to break out onto the big screen. I know they have been in Gotham the tv series, but I did not like that interpretation. The comic court of Owls is amazing and the dynamic with Batman and Bruce Wayne is something that even rivals Joker's
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