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Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
Of course DC was only #1 publisher for a handful of months before Marvel regained the top spot. If people think Marvel is flopping and their sales are plummeting that's fair enough (I'd disagree) but the idea that a long term fix is to emulate a company which is currently selling less than them seems foolish.
Marvel allegedly ''regained their ground'' mainly through an over-abundance of gimmick covers and ''bumper'' issues. To deny that they've been gaming the system is just as foolish.

The estimates on sales are also as subjective as comic quality. Just the last week there were conflicting reports on what did better last month...DC's ''The Button'' or Marvel's Secret Empire.

Obviously Marvel is going to try their own version of Rebirth because enhanced sales for a few months is still appealing but frankly Marvel already had tried their own Rebirth years ago with the Heroic Age which tried to do a lot of what DC is currently trying to do and the results were largely underwhelming as was laying off big events during that period.
That's because the writing was crap and we weren't getting what we wanted. DC is giving us what we want for the most part.

I don't collect every DC title, some either don't appeal to me or they started off giving me what I wanted but eventually stopped, but the stories are still of a high calibure compared to Marvel's incessantly poor treatment of their characters as well as their political soapboxing that go way over younger reader's heads and raise the ire of people who just want good superhero stories.

There's a reason I prefer the objectively silly and contrived ASM newspaper strip over most of what Marvel produce these days. It's stupid in a fun way, it focuses on positive relationships between characters I'm fond of, and it has heroes acting like heroes and solving a very basic good vs evil problem

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