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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Marvel allegedly ''regained their ground'' mainly through an over-abundance of gimmick covers and ''bumper'' issues. To deny that they've been gaming the system is just as foolish.

The estimates on sales are also as subjective as comic quality. Just the last week there were conflicting reports on what did better last month...DC's ''The Button'' or Marvel's Secret Empire.
Both companies game the system, to deny that is foolish. It's strange that people only focus on one company doing at a time to justify the axe they have to grind with it.

It should go without saying but I'm not arguing that sales equal quality but for the record on that issue I quite liked the All-New, All Different era, I'm not saying it was the best era of Marvel by a long shot but there was enough there that I liked. The fact they were selling well but not as much as the Marvel Now era actually sounds about right to me. I've said it before but I remain unimpressed with Rebirth. I know I'm in a minority with that but then again since their sales have dipped from their launch high then maybe I'm not as alone in that as I think

As for the sales themselves at this point people can spin them whichever way they want. I've heard it argued reasonably well that the two majors are about even. Whichever way you look at it though whether Marvel is on top or the two companies are neck and neck the idea that idea that something is drastically wrong with one of them and the only thing that can fix it is to copy the other is foolish.

That's because the writing was crap and we weren't getting what we wanted. DC is giving us what we want for the most part.

I don't collect every DC title, some either don't appeal to me or they started off giving me what I wanted but eventually stopped, but the stories are still of a high calibure compared to Marvel's incessantly poor treatment of their characters as well as their political soapboxing that go way over younger reader's heads and raise the ire of people who just want good superhero stories.
Fans read far too much into some of their decisions and likewise the idea that the best way to fix Marvel is cancelling books like Mighty Thor, Ms Marvel or Spider-Man (Miles Morales) which sell well because people online think it's part of some politically correct agenda is silly. The Only agenda Marvel has is making money.

I also find that the argument that classic heroes are poorly treated to be overstated. Secret Empire is looking to be a good story and Steve Rogers will be normal again after it's all over as will Odinson and Tony Stark after it serves the story to have them back.

There's a reason I prefer the objectively silly and contrived ASM newspaper strip over most of what Marvel produce these days. It's stupid in a fun way, it focuses on positive relationships between characters I'm fond of, and it has heroes acting like heroes and solving a very basic good vs evil problem
I've heard you argue this before and I find it odd. One of the criticisms I did have with the All-New, All-Different era was that the majority of it seemed to have a light, fun tone even in characters and franchises that are more used to a more serious or darker tone. It could have a used a more varied tone. Heck even after Civil War II the characters went back to normal you'd hardly think there was any divide between the heroes.

ANOTHER emergency retailer conference.
Now this does concern me.

I've long said that the best approach for Marvel would be to stay the creative course. The classic heroes would have returned to their definitive roles in their own time anyway. I don't think Marvel really needed their own Rebirth for that. Even commercially they aren't in the poor position DC was with DCYou that they need it but of course they are going to do a Rebirth to get a sales boost and help ease tensions in a particular market they aren't doing as well in. However given the comments from retailers at the last summit I'm not sure I'm comfortable pandering to them.

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