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Originally Posted by EddieNES View Post
Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z!

Originally Posted by tmntman View Post
My guesses:

Overall production numbers will likely be lower. Other stores will likely increase orders slightly. But without a track record to know how much of Toys R Us' market share they are going to pick up, I would expect store buyers to be cautious. I'm guessing that stores may also be less enthusiastic about this reboot than the last one since there hasn't been that long of a fallow period and the initial buzz isn't terrific.

Where I suspect Toys R Us' absence will really be felt is in the variety of products that will be produced. Toys R Us has been a very strong supporter of the TMNT lines. They even continued to support the line after every other store dropped it following the 2007 movie and they were first in line to pick up exclusives for the line in 2012 even before the line hit stores. With them out of the picture, larger items like the play sets that were shown off at Toy Fair this spring may not receive enough retailer support for Playmates to actually produce them. Without Toys R Us, Rise of the TMNT could be restricted much more to just the figures with a minimal amount of vehicles and play sets, especially larger play sets and vehicles.
Hopefully Playmates can make lemonade from the lemons. Maybe offer some Amazon exclusives for play-sets or larger vehicles. I wonder if Playmates would ever offer exclusives directly from their website? Probably not because of the shipping and stuff.
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