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I don't remember if I've used PSVR or not but I've used pretty much every major Virtual Reality device available. The problem with Playstation VR is the PS4 is not powerful enough to run VR well so there will be some compromises.

Occulus Rift are glasses that were developed by the creator of Doom who is a pretty smart guy and funded on kickstarter only to be bought out by Facebook, so they're the ones who started this new VR trend and once FB wanted in on it more people wanted in on the pie. Occulus is only for PC.

HTC has the Vive which Steam backs as "the one" you should go for. I think it's superior to Occulus but it doesn't have the $$$ behind it and HTC isn't doing so hot either.

Both devices are the best right now and pretty cool.

Then you start dwelling into cheaper alternatives like Samsung's, or Google Cardboard which get the job done but it's not the same. It's like comparing a go kart to an actual car if you're using your phone as VR.

As far as VR, it's not hype, it's literally the future, this is just the early phase of VR, to run it and really notice how cool it is you need some expensive equipment that the cheaper alternatives just can't do. Give the technology a few years and it will be revolutionary and not just in gaming. Eventually the devices will be cheaper and even wireless. If you have the extra money then go for it now, it's awesome to see it develop slowly.
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