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A couple of things:
  1. First off, Victoria Alonso is just talking out her ass. "Durr, let's change the title of one of the most popular superhero franchises after 56+ years, all because of a contrived interpretation of it that nobody actually has!". Nobody actually thinks it'll happen.
  2. Anyway, given that the MCU is lighter/goofier than the last X-Men series, it might be a good idea to nosedive directly into the weirder stuff so the first movie don't feel out of place, or so that the weirder don't feel out of place later on. You know, the Savage Land, Alternate timelines, Asteroid X, Genosha, the Brood, etc.
  3. Wolverine probably shouldn't be as much of a focus as he was in the previous movies. He's a popular character and should have a presence but he shouldn't be the main character, last time he ended up stealing the spotlight in 4 out of 7 main installments and got 3 solo spin-offs.
  4. Regardless of wheter or not they were botched, it's probably a good idea to avoid some of the stories that were already adapted. So no Origin, No Weapon X, no Claremont Wolvie solo, no Old Man Logan, no GLMK, no Dark Phoenix, no Mutant Cure, no coming of Apocalypse. The only one I think they could try again is the formation of the X-Men, as First Class really had nothing to do with how the X-Men were actually founded in the comics. (OK I know none of the movies in either the X-men series or the MCU are faithful adaptations by any reasonable standard, to say Days of Future Past and Civil War are anything but loose is absurd, just speaking in relative terms here).
  5. Seeing how 4 out of the 8 stories the previous movies were "based" on were Wolverine centric, it should be too hard to avoid treading old ground by simply not making Wolverine solo movies. Some stories I might suggest instead are the actual origin story, The introduction of Sauron, Second Genesis, House of M (but in a weird reverse to satisfy the question of where the mutants came from).
  6. If you could tell by my last pic there, Magneto should just be Wanda's father. It works for drama, it's what basically all the other versions have gone with and what they're doing now in the comics is a worse alternative.
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