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Originally Posted by snake View Post

The autists on here don't seem to understand that's the sh*t that killed 2k12. They had no f*cking clue whether they wanted an action show or a comedy, and ended up with a mediocre, half-baked product in the end.
Dude, don't use the autism spectrum as a form of insult. So rude.

Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman View Post

So does this improve?
I am not keeping up with this show anymore but I saw a few of the newest episodes yesterday and all I can say is, no, it doesn't get any better IF what you're looking for is a good plot and interesting characters. Now, if all you want is a no-brainer story to pass your time and maybe share some laughs, then Rise might be a good option for you.

We have had two great shows before Rise and maybe some of us have fooled ourselves into thinking that all the future shows would be like that. Rise is exploring another side of the franchise, one that is less focused in the plot and more focused in the humor. I personally don't find much qualities in the new show but it's an opition for people who were tired of all the seriousness of the past iterations and wanted something lighter like the 80's cartoon.
I apologize in advance for my English.
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