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Originally Posted by ssjup81 View Post
Synopsis please for those of us who can't stream videos. ^^
Ok, here goes: Cipes and Andre are doing voice overs at start then they talk about being white nerd, black nerd, and a super white nerd. So nerds all around. Cipes looks like he's just been plucked off a a surfboard from the ocean. The word rad is said a lot by both Cipes and Ciro. Pretty sure I could play a fun drinking game with it if it wasn't so early. They talk about toys from the 80s, Ciro followed and bought the toys, didn't watch the show, though he did buy the original Turtle comic when it came out. Said he wasn't in on the parody joke because he was ten, but it did make his brain explode because it was so awesome. They talked about how they like different stories or remember a story they liked as a child and kind of use the turtles as their actors for their interpretation of that story.

Regarding toys, Wild West comes up and Ciro says they would love to do that but would have to build all different sets, etc. Andre asks about them being horror fans, and Ciro says they're all a bunch of ghouls and love horror (eww, I hate horror, lol), being 80 kids, growing up in that time. Andre asks about favorite toys, Cipes asks if there's a rock and roll Mikey, Ciro says there's a hip hop one, picture shows it, some jokes are made about a big, green Flavor Flav.

They talk about the party van, comic con in NY coming up. They are really excited about the party van, Cipes wants one to live in it outside of Nickelodeon studios, lol. They are also excited about the upcoming season, the music for the episode Into Dimension X, Seth Green coming as Leo. Ciro says it's perfect because Leo is going to be kinda reborn (one shot?) and after things settle it'll feel like the old show but amped up and it's going to be RAD!

My favorite bit is where they talk about Kevin Eastman. Ciro is over the moon how on board Kevin Eastman is with the show and that he has given approval. Cipes thinks Kev is rad and references to Kevin being Ice Cream Kitty come up. There's a joke about how Cipes licks him, and he says Kevin Eastman is delicious, lol. Ciro talks about how when Kevin wanted to do a voice they had thought maybe pizza delivery guy, but Kevin really, really wanted to be Ice Cream Kitty. When Ciro told him it wasn't really a voice, just acting like a cat, Kevin started... Acting like a cat, I guess, at least in voice, lol. There's also a clip of Kevin Eastman at a panel saying how Greg Cipes is a living, breathing Michaelangelo.

All in all, it was a fun watch and we are really excited about the party van!!! Cipes is still stoked that he's actually getting to voice Mikey, Ciro is just happy and compliments a lot of people who also work on the show and Andre is happy, too, and seems to like the idea of Wild West Turtles. It's a neat interview.

I hope that sums it up enough! If anyone feels I missed anything, please add. Hope it helps, ssjup.
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