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Originally Posted by The-Shredder View Post
By the way, why do people keep calling the "Turtle Van" the "Party Wagon" or the "Party Van." I don't remember the Turtles in the first cartoon calling it the "Party Wagon." That was just the name for the toy.
Originally Posted by kolaida View Post
I don't know, language evolution, word association, age, cultural shifts?? I just know we are really excited about it, lol!
It'll always be the Turtle Van to me.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Why would she be kidding? What's funny about that?
I thought their Internet at home was so bad it couldn't load a simple YouTube video. I wasn't aware they were in hospital with insufficient mobile data. Don't be so quick to judge.

Hope you make a speedy recovery, ssjup81!

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