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Let's assemble the ultimate TMNT line up.

Well, the fun thing about TMNT is that there are so many versions of the Franchise and so many different incarnations of the characters each with different back stories.

And so I figured it to be fun to image our ultimate teams of TMNT consisting of members of different incarnations of TMNT.

First up: The SINT (Serious Issues Ninja Turtles)
- AKA the nightmare team, the Turtles who just can't relax. Here's the line up

- The serious Issues Leo would be the one from the Mirage comics. Constantly doubting whether or not he makes the right decisions, if he's spiritually refined enough to be a ninja. Even when at his most serene asking himself if his loved ones are truly at his side.

- The Serious issues Raph would be the Raph from the IDW comics, traumatized by his ordeal of growing up without his brothers and Sensei, befriending a blind bum who was murdered by a street gang just because he happened to stray on their turf. Having to deal with Pain non-stop formed him into the explosive character he is.

- The serious issues Donnie will be the one from Rise of the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, the frustrated, misunderstood nerd who has to deal with three brain dead jocks as brothers who in their ignorance constantly derail any carefully detailed plans. And who isn't beyond using "Gifts" to punish them for it.

- The serious issues Mikey would be the "Same as it never was" Michelangelo. This Mikey has completely forgotten how to laugh and during his battles lost an arm. But he's also the only Michelangelo of all versions of the TMNT who reached his full potential because he dedicated himself fully to training and keeping out of Shredder's hands, making him the most formidable Mikey of all.
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