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Originally Posted by mrmaczaps View Post
See, the ghost part is where I'm at... When someone dies, they either go to hell or heaven. There is no in between despite what movies and books say. When you're dead, you're dead. Now, I do believe in demons and angels, but they were never human. I think demons can take on the attributes of the recently departed and they can see and hear and sometimes influence things in everyday life as it is and prey on this weakness in folks who are hurting from the loss of loved ones.

I'm not saying you have to believe it, thats just my two cents.

This may be true, but there is no time-limit or requirement on WHEN they go to their "proper" place, now is there? I fully believe that some souls/spirits or whatever you wish to call them may choose to stick around for a time before moving to their ultimate reward(or punishment). And in the latter case, it seems only logical that they might want to delay that final trip as long as possible! As someone with a more than passing familiarity with the paranormal through personal encounters, as well as myths, legends, folklore and modern theories regarding ghosts and supernatural beings, I believe without a doubt that encounters with the departed are quite real and are most often benign.

Our apartment was occupied previously by an older gentlman whom we spoke to occasionally when we were living upstairs. He was put in a nursing home and died only a few days later. Since moving into his old unit, we have seen and heard odd things on occasion. Strange noises like a chair creaking for no reason, our cats acting strangely while staring at and avoiding a certain spot, and doors moving. There was also one night when I woke up unable to move and felt like I was being held down by someone trying to choke me. However I feel that was something different as it only occurred once and all of our other incidents were not harmful.
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