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Originally Posted by Donatello19 View Post
Judging by the new Season 2 trailer, he's going to be a villain. He's got Mikey and Leo in a headlock and is attacking Raph with his stretched out eyes sockets. I was hoping he'd become an ally...well, there's still hope, so who knows.
Ah, had no idea a season 2 trailer was out.

- Wait, it looks like it's Raph and Mikey he's got his hands around, and Leo is tied up by his... mouth... Oh lord, this is one screwed up villain... I LOVE IT!

Yeup, looks like he's against the turtles. Would have been cool to see him as an ally, but hey - I'm looking forward to seeing why he goes bad.

If Donny's the one who comes up with the suit, it's possible he'll be outraged with his new form and blame Donny for not doing a good enough job (It would be really interesting to see the two arguing during a fight, with Tim blaming Donny for the situation, only for him lose all sense of sympathy for him), or maybe it's the mutation that causes him to snap completely.
Though, I heard he was supposed to play an important role from here on, it could be possible that even after he goes rogue, Donny is still doing everything in his power to find a way to cure him, whether Timothy want's to work with him or not.

Also, Mikey's room... is that a Chris Bradford cutout I see? And his bed- Ah man, the art team went nuts with this guy XD

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