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Originally Posted by Luckyday View Post
What if someone takes Timothy, he breaks out and comes back as a shapeshifter, but he doesn't remember who he was before because his power always alters/delete his memory.

It would fit the tragedy how he was always trying so desperately to be someone else and because he change his body so many times that he no longer has sole identity of who he was before.

For example, he could come back as a mutant turtle and thinks in his mind that the other four are his real brothers but he has no real memories of when he was timothy the human and what even creepier is that he keep talking about his nightmares of how he and the turtles keeping killing this mutant in jar monster and how he always ends feeling really sad for some reason after delivering the killing blow. It's like he keeps fabricating memories that don't exist but he assuring that they are real.
I think that would be a great idea. However I don't think the shape shifting thing will happen as it wouldn't fit what going on with him right now. I do think that over the three or so months the Turtles have been away from New York. Timmy has certainly been removed from Donnie's lab be it the Foot Clan or the Kraang that officially took him.
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