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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
The name of Doc Ferrall named dropped in Mutant Gangland and was meant to be a reference to Doctor Victor Oban Feral from the TMNT RPG.

While we do have Dr. Victor Falco before he became the Rat King being a caricature of Dr. Feral.

What I read about Dr. Feral's character it's almost a shame that he wasn't brought it as an enemy in season five. The best way to describe is his character is that he is the antithesis of Donnie and everything he stands for.

Dr. Feral also has two mutant servants. Karl a mutant rabbit is, in short, an evil clone of Donnie. And Igor a mutant Rat is arguably even more dangerous than Karl.

It would have been interesting to see the turtles deal with actual scientific villains that could pose even more of a threat then Falco and more competent than Stockman. Particularly since he has a penchant for vivisecting mutants who have high intellects and/or psychic powers because he feels it furthers his research.
Feral's apparently not owned by Viacom, but Kevin Simbieda, one of his creators. They could always have Eastman try to track down him and his rights to use him. And I agree, if we ever get him back, he could become a Doctor Weil for the franchise. Especially if we ever have an MMZ-ish uneasy co-existence at some point.
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