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Originally Posted by Logan View Post
Your post is so incoherent I honestly can't make heads or tails out of what you are even saying. Elaborate please. Preferably with complete sentences.

Correction: I can understand the last sentence. It doesn't have to be an "anime lite" story. There are other possibilities. And I happen to know quite a few people that agree with me that Mario and Sonic should have a platformer together.
Nice try making a joke about how my post was incoherent. Too bad you responded to everything I said.

What are these possibilities you speak of? If they're so 'overwhelming' maybe you can put out a few of them that aren't fanboy fantasies. Just cramming them together in a platformer isn't really appealing. Both franchises are built very differently and I don't think "Mario in Green Hill Zone" would be enough to sell anything much less work on a gameplay level.

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