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Ideas for future TMNTs

If I'm to picture a new TMNT in the 2020s?

Things I want to change:
- Mikey to start maturing and not act like a kid anymore. Maybe have him be evil somehow.
- Kraang to be the first Shredder in the Sengoku or Edo period and later pass the title to his new disciple/apprentice Oroku Saki, while Hamato Yoshi serves the guardians. The Palpatine, Vader/Anakin & Obi-Wan of TMNT.
- Kraang killed the past lives of Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen & the turtles. Eventually, he finds them reincarnated in the future.
- Bebop & Rocksteady as Purple Dragons mutated. Four mutant ninjas as Shredder's elite guard.
- No more scraps to build new tech. Sorcery & technology forgotten used by the turtles for their equipment. A few scraps to combine with sorcery for new weaponry.
- Karai & Miwa separated. Miwa as either Alopex or Venus De Milo (if anyone would be interested to bring her back).
- Slash as villain & anti-hero. Later forges the Mighty Mutanimals.

How do you picture that? Cause I so want something mature and Michelangelo needs to start growing and stop being an idiot!
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