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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
I don't think exercising one's First Amendment rights, nor demanding a living wage to be a sign of generational fragility.

I mean, let's not forget the grown-ass men in polo shirts and tiki torches protesting the removal of participation trophy monuments while chanting, You Will Not Replace Us.

People sending death threats to creators because they don't like their work, or to critics because the said mean things about a videogame.

Or mowing people down with their car in Canada because they're not having the sex they believe they're owed.

The boys in high school now grew up under Reddit and GamerDorf. If anything they're following the lead of the adults who came before them.
I not quoting to debate/ or counter argue, but I think its hilarious how many conversations/ topics we have going for this one very specific thread we have going
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