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Originally Posted by BartAllen View Post
I do think there was an interesting question raised in the thread. Do parents not mentally prepare their kids anymore for school? I have an overweight cousin that we all call chubbs, and when he was in school they made fun of his weight, but he never got bothered by it. I think it was due to the fact that we called him chubbs from almost the word go. I wonder if parents today just treat their kids like they're... well, precious little gems. I really do think that parents owe it to tell their kids they're goofy looking, and to bust their balls just a bit so that when they hear it from other people they're not as phased by it.

That does sound horrible, I know.
Not it is not. It's completely rational and logical thing to do.

Parents should treat their children with respect, but it doesn't mean they should rise spoiled snowflakes who take even the tiniest insult or joke as a slight of epic proportions. Parents need to teach their kids that some people might hate them, that some people might reject them or say "no".

This culture of spoiled brats does nothing good to kids themselves, because, they end up completely unprepared to the real life outside of their immediate bubble of relatives and friends. And then they break down and become violent crazies or ideological zealots.
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