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Originally Posted by Time Mistress View Post
I'm definately going to see it, if only for Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime again. I have very mixed feelings on the stuff I've heard so far and I could complain to death about certain nitpicky issues. But the bottom line is they are doing a Transformers movie for the first time in 21 years. I really only ask for 2 basic things from the movie:

1. Keep the personalities and the voice quality of the characters I know and love in tact. And when I say voice quality I mean someone who sounds like the original characters, not necessarily the original voice actors, though that would rock whenever possible. Do that and I'll forgive them some weird character designs.

2. Remember that this movie is called The Transformers and not The Humans (who just happen to run into some Transformers). The reason I'm coming to the theater to see giant robots pound the slag out of each other...and Peter Cullen. Did I mention Peter Cullen?
Those are reasons enough. I guess if the Turtles became extremely out of character, I might b!tch about it (but it's rare, I kind of like seeing the Turtles out of character once in a while)

Megatron is supposed to be voiced by Hugo Weaving. What do you think about that? Think he can pull it off?

Also, I am having a distinct feeling that the humans will play first to the Transformers. I mean, that we will be looking at this movie from a human's point of view, not a Transformer.

Oh, I never was a Transformer fan before. Dont remember the cartoons at all, and never saw the movie of 1986, but because of this movie's thrilling trailer, I may become a fan now!

And I want a yellow Camaro now!
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