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Originally Posted by Time Mistress View Post
Note to self. Never watch Plague Dogs then.

I think Watership Down was one of the most traumatizing films I ever saw as a kid. All those poor bunny rabbits. I'm still afraid to watch it again to this day. Was this movie even supposed to be aimed at kids? The books seems like it was written for teens or adults. How true is the book to the film for those of you that like it?
I have never watched the Plague Dogs movie, probably because I disliked the book so much.
However I am a big fan of Watership Down. (hense my screen name)
I loved the animated film, and it does stick very close to the book, but the book is so much better. A book can give so much more insite on characters, than a film can (in most cases) It is one of my favorites and I re-read it every year.
Richard Adams has wriitten several novels and I disliked every one of them, except Watership Down.

I don't think Watership Down was ever meant to be for kids. It deals with adult themes, in particalur the cold war. (Which the kids of today do not know a lot about) It fell into the kiddie trap, because it used cute little bunnies to tell the tale. Things are not always as they seem.

Read the book!!! It is a great story.
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