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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
I predict a massive influx of plants when the toys/concept art of the 2018 show are revealed, followed by an even bigger community of them when the next series of tmnt films are released.

They will all boast about this new "radical" and "cool" era of tmnt trumping everything before it, only to vanish into the shadows when the new show and films will not be very popular.
And? So what?
I guess...I'm just puzzled why this matters.
Let them get their payday and move on.

No amount of someone telling me how awesome something going to change my mind about it. Then again, considering the property, and the demographic they're gunning for, it's hardly my attention they're seeking.

The Drome's got a reputation for gate-keeping, and with the new battle cry of PLANT isn't going to be changing that anytime soon.
Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
Originally Posted by Sabacooza View Post
There's no sense catering just to one demographic which is idiotic.
Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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