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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What do you mean? One halfway creative game, then a never-ending slew of cheap Final Fight clones? They would do well to veer far, far away from that level of "quality."
I don't know if that's really fair. When the TMNT Arcade game was released, it was a MASSIVE hit by arcade standards. At the time, the beat-em-up genre was still pretty new and TMNT was pretty well done by comparison. Then Turtles in Time was released and many feel that it improved upon the first arcade game. Both were critical successes and are often in the conversation for the best games of the genre. I'm not sure calling them "cheap clones" is really fair.

Today's gamers may think beat-em-up games are somewhat boring, but the genre can still be well-done, be true to the genre, and still feel fresh. Take a look at Castle Crashers, for example. It was released nearly 20 years after the first TMNT arcade game and received great reviews despite being nothing more than a beat-em-up at heart.

Perhaps you don't like the games or maybe even the genre (which is fine), but they were certainly successful and high-quality upon their releases by any realistic metric. I think if that success and quality could be replicated today, the fans would be in for a real treat.
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