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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's been going on since the earliest days of things like AICN. Happened with Highlander on the Highlander forums, too. Very tight knit, familial group there... suddenly Highlander: The Source is about to come out on DVD (it went straight to DVD) around 2007, BOOM, 100 new users join all talking about how great the movie is, tag-teaming members that'd been there for years about how dumb they were and high-fiving each other. Then a month later, all gone. Every last one of them.

Nobody likes Highlander: The Source. Nobody.

that's exactly the type of mo some people i'm curious about use when they find an opinion they don't like.

thankfully, these days people get tired of that type of attitude real quick and are starting to pick up on it and firing back at it, and the person in question is getting a little less brazen then they used to be. and he doesn't engage you when you fire back, just kind of lays low until the fire passes, and then when you have your guard down, pounces back with a 'your opinion doesn't matter, you dumb son of a gun'... attack and sees who bites to join with him in his little crusade.

the fact that he gets away with alot also tells me either the mods know, and give lee way, or just steer clear.
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