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Originally Posted by snake View Post
I just didnít think it was needed. Algorithms and the ďshocked faceĒ on the thumbnail look so jarring with the older, obviously made for fun videos. Itís something Iíve always associated with clickbait, and especially Doug/NC videos.

The past couple episodes have been so terrible, with the exception of Chex Quest. I donít care whether or not James plays the games anymore, but it doesnít even feel like AVGN anymore (references to things like framerates or walk-cycles take me out of the video). To be clear, I like some of the screenwave stuff, and the first batch of episodes post Megaman were awesome. But Aladdin Deck Enhancer, Life of Black Tiger, and Jurassic Park were so bad that not even r/cinemassacre is defending them anymore. Either let AVGN die off or improve the writing. The elaborate skits were never funny in CA videos, and they arenít funny here. Thereís a clear difference in having a character show up in an AVGN episode (which is a staple of the show) and the Jurassic Park episode. Pepsiman is a recent episode that does the skit aspect right, Aladdin Deck Enhancer is not.

Sorry I donít believe in defending everything a channel does because they used to be great. The Screenwave management change has done more harm than good.

Oh, and Rental Reviews is just Redlettermedia without anything that makes that channel exceptional.
Yeah, I didn't notice someone else was working on the episodes until someone pointed it out to me. The early days of Screenwave were alright. But from Aladdin Deck Enhancer on I feel like something changed and for the worst. Pepsiman was a cool episode, though.
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