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The superbowl was great in the first half, even though it was very sloppy. I wished the Colts would have not short kicked the kickoff everytime, because you can tell their special teams wouldnt have been special enough to stop that guy from running it back on them again. The best part was that when the colts kicked off, I yelled "run it back!" Apparantley he heard me.

So the superbowl itself wasn't that great of a game, just like last year. Whenever my team isn't in the superbowl, I root for the team that loses...hmmm.

I didn't see all the commercials, because I was at a party and it was kind of loud. I liked the snickers commercial where the two guys accidentaly kissed, then had to rip out chest hair to make up for the lack of manliness. Also, I read somewhere that after the Janet Jackson Superbowl, they promised not to show any erectile dysfunction commercials, because some idiots think its innapropriate. There was a sprint commercial I think where they used the word "connectile dysfunction," which I thought was great.

One more thing that I noticed, and some people agreed, was that before the coin flip, the fans cheered when they called out the players names. Musim Muhammed, for some reason, got booed. The only reason I thought of was that there are a lot of idiots who think anyone with a Muhamed in there name or who is brown represents terrorists. Anyone else notice this?

Oh and maybe there should be a general sports thread, because some of you are discussing college basketball. I'm going to see UConn and Syracuse tonight, the game is on campus and I got tickets. It's 10 degrees here with 15 mph wind, and theres about 50 kids already waiting to get in, with tents and everything. I heard some kids saying that they and their friends were rotating and have been staking out their spot in line since this morning, and the game isnt even till 7. Anyways, UConn isn't doing that great this year, but I just hope they can win this one against a rival team
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