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Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
Yep serious Blue Door things happening. I'm going to guess that Casey is an old high school or college flame who she reconnects with in the movie and their relationship inspired by that script.

I don't think we'll get a full-on Avengers vs Chitauri invasion though. I think it'll be a shorter affair to accommodate a smaller budget. Some soldiers on the streets doing battle with the NYPD while the TMNT shut down the portal bringing in the Technodrome which is presented something like the Galactus cloud in the F4: Rise of Silver Surfer movie.
Yeah, no, Avengers vs. Chitauri/Ultron drones ('cause it's basically the same thing) took up a big chunk of the movie. TMNT's final battle from the Blue Door felt like a rushed, barely even 10 minute battle.
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